Thursday, November 15, 2007

Murakami's MOCA Retrospective

Art. Fashion. LA. Hollywood. What's not to love?

The Takashi Murakami retrospective (isn't he too young for a retrospective) recently opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and was organized by chief curator Paul Schimmel. (Read Schimmel's Out of Actions, a great overview of performance art from around the world.)

Artforum discusses Murakami's emphasis on bodily fluids in his sculptures, installations and animations.

Here, you can see videos and download a gallery guide to the exhibition.

In spite of the high visibility of Murakami's imagery, it was still hard to find good downloadable images. This one comes from the Saatchi Gallery site.

Some online detractors are grumbling about the blatant commercialism as there is a newly opened Louis Vuitton shop on the premises, but I think if it brings more people into the museum and makes art part of their lives, that's fantastic and hopefully that will drive up the pay rates for art critics too.


Andrew Berardini said...

THe shop itself is actually quite toothless in the end. What is actually more problematic is the show itslef. Brian Sholis, my colleague at Artforum, did a great job covering the show for "Scene & Herd," but thes how itself is very bad, for a number of reasons. That Murakami is so naked in in his greed/hunger for influence is refreshing, but only inline with the Larry Gagoisan style of doing business, which I think is anithetical to many things I hold dear.

I went to all the opening weekend festivities for Murakami , you can read about a few on my blog below if you're keen.


(though you might have to scrol to the bottom of the page)

Susan said...

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for your comments. It's always hard to write about art unseen, so it's good to hear your first-hand experiences.

A bit of controversy or ambiguity is good; otherwise it's just entertainment.

I posted on your blog too.