Monday, November 12, 2007

Art World Scandal

Somedays, the arts pages resemble the sports pages in terms of misdeeds. The Nov/Dec issue of Art AsiaPacific has good coverage on the recent art scandal that rocked Seoul, Korea.

It turns out that Shin Jeong-Ah, the chief curator at Sungkok Art Museum lied about having a PhD from Yale. And her BFA and MBA degrees from the University of Kansas turned out to be fraudulent too.

When this came to light, Shin's curator position and her appointment as artistic co-director to the 2008 Gwangju Biennale were revoked.

In this day of computerized databases and internet search engines, why would anyone be so brazen to fake credentials?


An artist said...

Well, You don't even need to go Korea for that, I know someone very similar to her in your local (Taiwan)! He (yes, it is a guy) is also conning around Europe now.(mainly Austria & Germany)
The worst thing about that guy is: he tricks people (usually women) in the art-world (he suppose to be the world famous art-culator? from Taipei) and use/ exploit & take advantage of them completely then dump them in the end and move to the next victim.
I am sure that people will find out eventually about him. The word has been getting around already...

Susan said...

One word: Karma