Monday, November 5, 2007

Food for Thought

Now that curators are getting top billing that is equal to artists, isn't it about time to start publishing their birthdates along with the obligatory artists' birthdates?

Why is it only artists whose birthdates get published in catalogs and press releases?

What is the reasoning behind that? That a young person is a natural genius and an older person has lived experience. With that reasoning, why aren't the birthdates of curators, critics, directors, etc. published in promotional materials?


Marsha B said...

Point taken! I've been thinking about age a lot recently. I'll be 33.3 years old in a few weeks--that's a third of the way to 100. Sigh or cheer...That's the way it goes...for everyone. So yeah, I'm with you: Cs&Cs should publish their birthdates. It's only fair!

Susan said...

This is one reason I want to start working as a curator - so my birth year doesn't get published in a catalog. LOL