Friday, January 11, 2008

da Vinci's mirror images
Discovery News reports on a recent book claiming the figures in Da Vinci's paintings and drawings point to the spot where the viewer should place a mirror.
The mirror will then reveal secret images for the viewer to discover. For example, this famous work on the left seems to be about a Christian topic, but the mirror image seems to celebrate a pagan belief instead. The eerie rocks appear like an earth mother. Maybe he was alluding to the pagan meaning of the Holy Grail as womb worship.
Click on the above link to see the mirrored images. You'll never look at a da Vinci in the same way.
Anyways, this makes looking at art fun and compelling. I also like that this news was published in a scientific site.


Anonymous said...

Check this, it seems there are more hidden images in the paintings of Leonardo LINK

Susan said...

Thanks Agustina.
Looks like Leonardo's work will continue to fascinate viewers for centuries.