Friday, July 23, 2010

thanks to my readers

I'd like to thank all of you for following "everything is dangerous" and I'd like you to subscribe to my RSS Feed, because you won’t miss out on my blog updates and, because, I'm trying to grow my readership.

I'd also love if you'd stumble or tweet my posts because that will help me get more readers who are as savvy as you are.

Please leave a comment because we all love a smart conversation.


Ash Patel - Social Media Evangelist said...

Hey Susan

I've one question, which you might have already answered, but here it is anyways:

> How come your blog title is called "EverythingIsDangerous"

...I'll be interested in learning the thinking behind coming up with that title.

Cheers for now

Susan said...

Good question Ash.
"Everything is dangerous" is my conceptual art project which I initiated in Taipei and is based on my observations about life in general.