Monday, June 23, 2008

mmm, dead artists

Today's NYTimes has a morbid article that discusses how the art market loves artists, especially deceased ones.

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G A L I L E O said...

So glad I am a living artist. All throughout the history of art and American Society, if one reads art history books, there is a leaving-out of real, many times. And then in the seventies as drug scenes got mixed in with art scenes even more than in the old days in Europe (conveniences for some) death of artists became a "genre".....this is so, although I am still determined to live long enough to see the work (SHOW ME THE WORK) that covers reality often obscured. As if these matters weren't confusing enough, then we have all these twists and turns in our society of people needing safety, right, so, there have been times when it's safer for a person (in relation to "forces") to be dead. Very confusing matters, but matters which I think we have to start addressing again. There is some history of this too.