Thursday, March 6, 2008

Live in the Moment: Tino Sehgal's staged art

Here's an environmentally-friendly artist who makes work that is exhibited and collected but the work is immaterial: Tino Sehgal.
He creates situations in which a group of people carry out his verbal instructions by using their voices, movements and interaction with the audience. When his works are sold there are no written receipts, catalogues, photos or any documentation whatsoever. The works exist in the moment only.
Tino Sehgal is based in Berlin and is currently exhibiting older works at Magasin 3 in Stockholm
such as This Is New in which a museum attendant reads out the daily news headlines to visitors.
One of his previous works, This Success/This Failure was where a group of children tried to get the visitors to join them in their games. It's interesting to see that cultural meaning can still be produced in such an ethereal way.


Marsha Bradfield said...

Fascinating! Reminds me a little of Erwin Wurm's work. I look forward to learning more about what distinguishes their approaches, aside from one being oral and the other spatial...though neither approach is mutually exclusive.

Susan said...

Hi Marsha.
Thanks for your comment. I would say Wurm's background is in sculpture and that sense of 3D materiality comes out in his work, while Sehgal's background is in dance and political economy and his work tends towards the immaterial.