Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kosovo's art scene

Declaring national independence can detrimentally affect your local art scene.
an exhibition in Kosovo needed to be shut down due to opening night attacks. Glad to see that art still has the power to inflame passions.
Kosovo's declaration of independence was warmly embraced by Taiwan. Local papers are reporting (and personifying) that an angry China is scolding Taiwan and saying Taiwan is ineligible to recognize a sovereign nation.


NiNiNuK said...

Very cool blog.
I was wondering,if you could somehow help me: I am tryin to get in touch with Kosovo's art scene. I arrived in kosova recently and do not know many people around yet, so looking for any kind of assistance.
thnx in advance

Susan said...

Hi N,
Thanks for your comments. Since I live in Taiwan, I am unfamiliar with Kosovo's art scene, but I'm sure it must have a provocative art scene.

Hopefully some readers can inform us about it and leave comments here, and N please report back when you learn more about Kosovo.

Contact a local gallery for a list of artist names, hangouts, exhibitions, etc.